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Girls Love Beer
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  • 03/11/17--07:58: Talisman Presents: Beer Yoga
  • For lovers of both beer and yoga, learning the two can be combined is like finding out you don’t have to choose between a lavish existence and eternal life. You can indeed live it up and still achieve nirvāna! Yoga may give you strength of body and mind, but beer is the secret ingredient that […]

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  • 03/19/17--11:20: The Brewer’s Keychain
  • Keychain bottle openers have long been used as tools of marketing and, more importantly, bottle opening. They dangle on your keyring, clinking against your keys and reminding you there’s no cap that can stand between you and a cold beer. These keychains are given away like candy at beer festivals, and it’s not uncommon to […]

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  • 04/08/17--13:07: Zion Brewery Lives
  • Southern Utah is arguably one of the most gorgeous places in the world, and the area around Hurricane (near St. George) in particular has a lot to offer. Hurricane (pronounced Hur-a-kin) is an up-and-coming mountain bike destination complete with an annual Mountain Bike Festival in March, and desert trail riding that rivals the more famous […]

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  • 05/01/17--20:25: RoHa Brewing Project
  •       Have you heard? There’s another new brewery in town! I’m talking about RoHa Brewing Project. Utah’s latest beer producer is a brand new adventure backed by a handful of familiar faces. With a killer location and an instant local following, I’d say RoHa is well on its way to a long life […]

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    Brewing beer brings people together and promotes a sense of community. Whether it’s getting together at your local brewery to quaff their creations or joining an online community, you and your “beer friends” are bound by your affection for barley-based fermented beverages. Homebrew clubs are a great way to not only find camaraderie, but also […]

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    On any given day, Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a child’s paradise. The chance to learn about wildlife, both local and exotic, and the ability to see them in person, is an experience that can’t be matched. But it’s not only youngsters who can benefit from this kind of experience. Once a month, Hogle Zoo provides […]

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    What the suds is Dampfbier?! Relax; it’s not as bizarre as it sounds. Dampfbier (damp-f-beer) translates literally to “steam beer” in German. Here in the American West, we are quite familiar, or at least our ancestors were, with steam beer. You may be acquainted with San Francisco’s Anchor Steam as the classic version of this […]

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  • 07/22/17--20:43: Pie & Beer Day Pairings
  • Never heard of Pie & Beer Day? Well you best adjust your bonnet and lend an ear! Pie & Beer Day is a holiday celebrated in Utah on the very same day Mormons celebrate Pioneer Day, July 24th. The origins of Pie & Beer Day are a bit hazy, but the beer-loving Utah counterculture has […]

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  • 08/06/17--13:56: Crowler Killed The Growler!
  • Meet the Crowler – tall, sleek, recyclable, and packing 32oz of pure beer goodness. Why the crowler craze, you say? Let me count the ways… First off, you should know – Crowler Killed The Growler! Or at least it’s killing the growler… slowly… like CDs killed cassettes or video killed the radio star. Or like […]

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  • 08/12/17--02:00: The Forecast Is Hazy
  • With any fad, you’ll have those who embrace it, and those who shake their heads in mocking disgust. The latest trend in beer, the hazy IPA, is no different. For some, this popular style represents a departure from what beer is supposed to be, but for others, it’s a gateway to exciting new flavors and […]

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  • 08/20/17--16:11: Alley Hops
  • “They say whoever is scratched by the hops cannot escape them.” — Alexander Feiner, Hop Farmer — For the Love of Hops by Stan Hieronymus In these warm summer evenings, as the sun peeks through the clouds and city haze before melting into the horizon, I relish the thought of walking my dog through the neighborhood […]

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    When there’s a family reunion planned at the YMCA in Estes Park, Colorado, there’s only one thing to do. Plan a road trip! And whenever there’s a road trip, there’s bound to be a few brewery stops along the way. It’s necessary! My husband and I traveled a loop from our home in Salt Lake […]

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  • 09/03/17--14:07: HopDrift
  • Allow me to introduce you to Salt Lake City’s latest thrill and beer seeking adventure… HopDrift is essentially a brewery crawl on drift trikes.  This entire post should be in caps because THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT IT. But don’t worry, I won’t do that to you. What I will do to you is […]

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  • 10/08/17--12:27: Fresh for Fall
  • Fall is one of my favorite times of year – when the hot summer days give way to the chill of the approaching winter season, and the crisp light beers of summer are overtaken by the richer flavors of colder days. Creatures begin to slow their paces as temperatures drop, and we all take comfort […]

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    The time has come to stuff your face, drink beer, and give thanks for the bounty on your table and the full belly you’ll soon find yourself with when all has been properly devoured. For those who are unsure about just what type of brew to crack when the time comes, fear not! I have […]